Snow road environment Materials [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Anthony carmona roofslabs1 anthonycarmona
Roof Slabs Variant 1
Anthony carmona roofslabs2 anthonycarmona
Roof Slabs Variant 2
Anthony carmona fluffysnow anthonycarmona
Snow Variant 1
Anthony carmona snowrough anthonycarmona
Snow Variant 2
Anthony carmona snowslush anthonycarmona
Snow Variant 3
Anthony carmona wood old1 anthonycarmona
Wood Variant 1
Anthony carmona woodold anthonycarmona
Wood Variant 2
Anthony carmona smallrocks anthonycarmona
Small Rocks

Hello ! I am giving away the materials of the snowy road. Here's the link to each Substance ! feel free to break them down and use to your convenience !

Environment Screenshots :

Roof Slabs :

Small Rocks:


Wood Rough: